The Marmite Girl - by Katey The Divine Rebels

The Marmite Girl - by Katey

When Lucy asked me to guest Blog I was delightfully surprised & honoured. Then there was fear, what would anyone want to really hear about?

Would there be anything in my story that would resonate with anyone??

I knew there would be but did I really want to share in such a public space??

It is in these spaces that we find others whose stories we relate to, resonate & inspire us.

“ you’re a bit weird aren’t you?”

“it’s the weird Latino girl”

“you’re a bit of a know it all”

“why do you ask so many questions”

“she’s a strong girl, she can take it”

Now,  maybe some of these phrases you're thinking, yep that’s me. I wonder if it made her feel the same.

As a child I’d been told so many times that I was different and not just from adults. I remember it really starting to build at primary school to the point where now it would be classed as bullying. I was singled out not just for my looks, but because I danced, I could read fast, so was sent to work outside the classroom so I didn’t disrupt the rest of the class, (this was also to stop me from asking questions) to being from a single parent family because my dad had died when I was 9. 

This bullying came to a head when I was attacked by a group of people at school. I was cornered in the playground, kicked & spat on, my hair was pulled, names called. 

From that day on there was a change. It wasn’t that I didn’t stand up for myself before I did, it was one of the reasons for the attack to teach me a lesson. It made me more determined and this has carried through to my life today. I will always support those who need it, i'm not afraid to challenge them, no matter who they are. We're not just talking individuals here either, corporations, government bodies, schools, colleges & more. 

I am passionate that no one should be bullied for any reason. As someone who would be classed as neurodiverse & probably neurodivergent, having a hidden disability which has changed recently to become more visible, I have experienced these personally & more. 

At school, college & in the workplace I always found myself standing up for what some may call the underdog, those that felt unable to do it by themselves or those who maybe didn’t know that they could say no, I do not like your behaviour etc. 

Having children with additional needs my story is forever evolving & battles are always there to be had. 

My current challenges involve getting EDS (Elhers Danlos Syndrome) recognised as the physical disability that it is along with its  comorbidities that most people with the condition also live with whether they have an EHCP or not; along with taking on a SEMH school & local authority over not meeting my son's EHCP needs on any level yet the school taking monies for a full time education for 3 years despite him receiving only up to 4 hours a week & the authority concerned not really bothered because its an independent school. 

Some may say that I like a challenge & yes I do have a competitive side. 

My life’s challenges for me started before I was even born in the 70’s & adopted & they’ve never stopped coming. 

Would I like a break every now & then yes!! 

Do I think I will ….no I don’t believe that’s my path. (tea, cake  & a Greek escape always welcome)

My life has many twists & turns & this is merely a snippet.

It had its downs but many ups too. 

I’ve been to fabulous places, worked with some amazing people, famous & non famous. Been able to experience the world as a mum, friend & more. 

I’m a half full glass girl who is proud of her Hispanic/Latino heritage. My brain whirls constantly with all the things I enjoy & those I have yet to discover or embrace. 

Yes you either like me or you don’t hence the Marmite Girl. (ps I love marmite)

I hope you enjoyed reading this & maybe felt you're not alone, encouraged to find out more about something or support someone. 

Lucy, you are an inspiration in yourself along with all your other guest writers. 

To your readers

Be Proud to be you in all your glory. 

Thank you for reading

Love Katey x

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Thank you Chloe & Lucy. Just knowing thar someone else has experienced what we have faced I believe gives us more power, strength & resilience. We are not alone!!! As much as other powers may try to tell us we are they as you said Chloe are the cowards hiding behind their own shadows. Lucy you are beautiful in everyway. Thats what other people saw. Thats what they were afraid of. That what they didnt have or even the desire to try.
Much love to both of you 💞💕

Katey Carter

Hi Katey, gosh your story sounds so similar to mine. School was a nightmare for me as I too have a hidden disability. Called every name under the sun. It was tough to remain strong. Now looking back I see how fragile those bullies were, and it doesn’t make it right, that I was their punching bag. I think they needed help more than me. Being strong is hard when you feel so vulnerable, but your strength shines through eventually. Thanks for sharing


Katey, I related to your story so much. The quote “she’s a strong girl, she can take it” was a reminder of how those who lived in their fears would project it on to me, making my strength of voice a weakness. For decades I believed standing up for what was right was wrong, unattractive and being a strong woman was not right.
Thank gawd, my rebel hero’s are womEn like us, brave enough to break the mould, and roar loud enough to be heard.
You are an incredible woman Katey. Never change who you are. X


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