Founded in 2020 The Divine Rebels was born out of a spare bedroom in my family home in Berkshire.

For as long as I can remember I've always been creative. Some of my fondest memories are of me sat on the floor of my bedroom surrounded by tape, glue and toilet roles building houses and wardrobes for my Cindy dolls. There was something so magical about creating something from scratch.

This passion grew and eventually took me to university where I discovered my love of fabric and costume design. A ten year career in theatre took me around the world and gave me so much more than just the skills of a costumier. I became a good listener.

I've always loved listening to peoples stories, their adventures and the journeys that have shaped them, perhaps this explains why I was so good at working back stage in theatre. The wardrobe department was always stocked with tissues and tea for those who needed an ear and a shoulder to cry on. 

The Divine Rebels was inspired by the stories and bravery of others. Their strength, courage and resilience to successfully overcome difficult or challenging life experiences was awe inspiring. 

My greatest achievement to date has been the emails and messages I have received from women expressing how their new tee, hoodie or notebook has given them strength to get through challenges, or simply to remind them they are enough.

The Divine Rebels is now a platform where women feel safe to share their personal stories with the world, their strength empowers others to know they too can heard.

Big love